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I have absolutely no sympathy with the perverted ideals of the Third Reich and the Nazis. Our interest is purely historical. To paraphrase Winston Churchill “Those who would ignore the more unpalatable aspects of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes!”

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I need to include, I AM STILL BUYING all the time. 
Even when this site was not active,
I was still buying collections and single pieces or lots. 
If you need help selling, I can help you.
If you need help identifying on item,
I can help you, its all part of it.
I will be working to improve and 
post material here as I get to it.
Hello, This site has been down since 2017, it is my intention to get it back up and going.
I am nearly 5 years older and getting old. I am still a very active collector. I love my hobby.
I do make mistakes, I never get offended when corrected, in fact any day that I do not learn 
something new is a lost day. No one knows it all, it is not possible and we all learn from each 
other. My prices are my prices. If you do not like my price, you are welcome to look else where.
I have now been collecting for 50 years. I have been actively selling for 30 years in one form 
or another. While I might of slowed down, as I said earlier I still enjoy it!!