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UPDATED   03-29-16
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Look in the MISC section for 3 new groupings. Nuremburg Rally items and Tableware  

Friends, Family and Fellow Military Enthusiasts, 

  I have been collecting WWII German, Japanese and sometimes U.S. military for nearly 40 years. Most of the items offered for sale on this site are extras or items that no longer fit my collection, as over time, my interests have changed. Jamie and I do this only to further our collection and narrow it down. I try my best to research all items thoroughly. I do not pretend to be a expert in all fields of this hobby and for this reason, I have a 7 day unconditional return policy.  

   Should you see something on this site that interests you and need better/different pictures or additional details, please e-mail me at ww2military@cox.net and I will respond as soon as possible. 

  I reserve the right not to ship to countries that I have had previous trouble/issues shipping to. I do not ship any daggers, swords or edged weapons outside the USA. I am happy to quote you shipping on any item or items to your location. Shipping charges will be at cost on most orders. All orders over $100 must be insured. If an item should require a odd size box or specialized packaging materials these costs will be added to the shipping amount. Most items will fit in the standard postal shipping boxes and will not incur additional charges. If you make payment though a paypal account, a 4% surcharge will be added to the invoice total. I do have Lay-away terms. Should you require this service, please email for details. Checks and money orders are my preferred choice of payment. All checks must clear before shipping.

  I will be updating my pages frequently, so check back often. If you would like to be notified when I update my site, please e-mail me at at ww2military@cox.net and ask to join our mailing list. If you are on my list and want to be removed send me an email with “Remove” in the subject line.

  I guess I must add I am not a Nazi or a skinhead and if you think you are please do not enter this site.
    At this point, I am really trying to sell my collection, or at least narrow it down, I am getting older and I have no children to leave it to, I figure I still have several years to disperse of it. After  all we are just the caretakers of this history anyway, if you look at it in the long run.

Thank You and Happy Hunting,
  J Neeley
  PO Box 691914
  Tulsa, OK 74169

For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying to upgrade my images, because now I understand the limitations of this kit site. I have also been increasing font sizes, because we are not getting any younger and I want everyone to be able to see my poor descriptions.
06-19-16         07-30-16
08-12-16 Medals
09-19-16 Buckles
9-26-16 Daggers
10-13-16 Cloth Daggers Enamel
MY E-mail Address is   ww2military@cox.net
While you are here, I would like to point out an interesting site.       http://www.innocenceproject.org/    . 
Check it out, in America, the prison capitol of the world we have a for profit prison system. An estimated 10% of the people locked up are innocent. But we MUST keep building new prisons, to satisfy the stockholders, and then our government MUST keep them filled to satisfy the stockholders.  Not only that, so many people are locked up for minor violations, the middle class supports this system by paying taxes, and only the wealthy profit from it. This kind of thinking must come to an end. If you have ever known some one who is or has been locked up and is/was innocent, it can cause nightmares. It could happen to anyone that can not buy justice. Yes Freedom Does Have A Price, in more ways than one. Check out the site, and help support it. I do, but it is your choice.
Also new section in MISC Plaques Plates
11-08-16 Price Reductions

12-03-16 ENAMELS
12-11-16 medals and enamels
12-13-16 Pennants
NEW SECTION 12-13-16
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In case anyone noticed, I have not been active on my site for awhile. My wife and I have bought a 2nd "FOREVER" home and we are remodeling it to suite our needs for now and in the future. Most of it is a gut job, so it is taking almost all of my free time. 
   It will probably be 2018 before I get active on my site again. I am still selling from it, just not posting new material and I am only about 25% through the material I have to sell and I am still actively buying more material.
   But it is just too time consuming to keep up with everything.   Best Wishes, J Neeley