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Reichs Party Day postcard with pre-printed Hitler Stamp, reverse is blank.   #PC03/13-01   $15  sold
German #rd Reich Era postal stationairy pre-printed postage stamp. Backside is blank.    #PC03/13-02            $12
Postcard of a German Bucker BU-133c Jungmeister (radial), on a used card, with Hindenburg stamp and a WHW cancelation Size is 140 X 90mm
#PC03/13-03                             $18
Reichs Party Day, Nuremburg, 1934 with pre printed postage, never used and like new. Size is 149X105mm, reverse blank. 
#PC03/13-04             $20
INumber 1, UO1 in  "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series. It is Panzer Meyer, un-used and in GREAT Condition. Kurt Meyer was a Knights Cross, with swords and oak leaves and German Cross in Gold recipient and held a SS Honour Ring amongst many other awards. This is a highly sought after postcard.  #PC03/13-05         $250     SOLD
One of my favorites,  #U51 "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series. I do not know the name of it, but it has the motorcycle with sidecar and the deathhead painted on the front of the sidecar.

"PC03/13-06             $250.00 sold
Postcard #U16 from "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series. Showing a man in full SS camo, using a ragefinder of some sorts.
#PC03/13-07        $ 49     SOLD
Postcard  #U52 "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series. Titled "An SS - Police Division on the rise" In very good condition.
#PC03/13-08             $49
Postcard #U54, From "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series, titled " Trumpet Corps of SS Cavalry Division" All of these cards, show hardly any signs of handling. The black is so deep it is like looking at a very high quality print. This does not show up in the scans only when you see them with your eyes.
#PC03/13-09            $189.00 SOLD
Postcard #U57 from "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series. Titled " Cavalry on a riding excercise" with fine looking horses in the SS tradition. Postcard is in excellent condition.
#PC03/13-10            $159
Postcard #U32 from "Our Waffen SS" propaganda series, titled "Street Fight"  Showing a SS soldier in camo smock, with a lugar in his hand.
#PC03/13-11       $79    SOLD
Postcard SS shield, with a soldier, tank and truck in the background. With KDF postmark from Stuttgart, dated 12-11-41, and a Stamp Day postage stamp, un-used and in near perfect condition.
#PC03/13-12                 $20   SOLD
Postcard, German Bolschevisum unmasked propaganda card, in very good+ condition, real usage with event postmarks. This is a very RARE postcard.
#PC03/13-13                  $349   SOLD
Postcard, "The Eternal Jew" propaganda piece, Great Political Action In The North Western Railway Hall in Vienna, Aug 2, 1938.
This one has the proper postmark for the event. It has a slight crease in the upper left hand corner, but is not fully bent over.
                      #PC11/13-35   REDUCED $95.00 SOLD
Postcard, Axis Powers, Germany, Japan and Italy. Even though it appears the Samurai fighter is predominant, this is a Italian postcard. I think it was their way of trying to prop up the Japanese.  As most Italian postcards that I have encountered the card stock is not as thick as the Germans. Still a awesome bit of art work. 
PC03/13-15          $40   SOLD

Its about time, Anti-Semetic propaganda postcard, with the Nazi's chasing the Jews and Austrians down the street, in very good+ condition, and very hard to find. With Nuremburg, Reichs Party Day 1938 postmark.
#PC03/13-16                          $175 SOLD