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SA tinnie, Large 54mm, Tieste Hofgeistein 40-01, made of stamped brass, with a perfect patina. For Alpine skiing and shooting event.
 #ST03/16-01         $125.00       SOLD
SA tinnie, large 54mm, stamped metal, with a perfect patina, for: 1939 S.A. GRUPPE HOCHLAND SPORTS COMPETITION BADGE.
Sword over the edelweiss, just a great piece.
 RZM 9/3  #ST03/16-02   $125.00  REDUCED       
SA Tinnie, Large 72mm, stamped Brass, The symbolization on this is one of my favorites. It shows the chains that bind the SA and the old veterans of WWI, of which the SA originally came from.  Perfect patina.
    #ST03/13-03      $145     SOLD
SA Tinnie, 70mm, stamped out of steel. "Brigade Treffen Erfurt Ostern 34" another pin with no flaws in the finish. maker marked on the pin holder on the back.
     #St03/13-04          $100 SOLD
SA Tinnie, 28mm, Tieste SA 34-02, made of stamped brass. "SA Brigade 77 Ernst Röhm" one of the few tinnies or only one that mentions Ernst Röhm, many of the items with his name were ordered destroyed, Röhm was co-founder of the Sturmabteilung ("Storm Battalion"; SA)  and he was executed on the "Night of the long Knives" due to fear of his leadership over the SA, at the time Hitler considered him his cheif rival. #ST03/13-05  $125              SOLD
SA Tinnie, Large 52mm, stamped steel, with red cloth behind the SA. Nice majestic eagle, with a sword in its talons. "SA Treffen Brigade 86 Schwaben 8-1935 for a SA meeting in Swabia , the finish front and back are near perfect. #ST03/13-06          $140  SOLD
SA Tinnie, 42mm, made of ceramic. Great looking piece, this was stored for nearly 30 years in a handmade wooden box, with a cut-out for this and a SA dagger. "Sport-U.Wehrwettkämpfe S.A. Gruppe Bayer. Ostmark 1939" The white finish does not have even a speck of dirt.  This is the same as the next one I am posting, only made of ceramic.  #ST03/16-07                  $100              REDUCED
SA Tinnie, 42mm, made of die cast aluminium.Sport-U.Wehrwettkämpfe S.A. Gruppe Bayer. Ostmark 1938,   #ST03/16-08   $75.00     REDUCED
SA Tinnie. Large 66mm, made of ceramic, 14mm tall, hence the depth is not a optical illusion, it is deep, great eagle, with SA Men marching under its wings. "SA Gruppe Bayern - Ostmark 1937. Another of my all time favorites.    #ST03/13-09     $110  SOLD
Tinnie SA / SS, 46mm, Tieste Limburg 35-01, made of stamped tin. Very RARE SA / SS tinnie. I have only seen about 5 tinnies with SS on them.
"Day of NSDAP Kreis Limburg/Lahn 1935" the finish is near flawless. #ST03/16-10  SOLD
SA, DJ, SS, DAF and RAD tinnie, Large 60mm, Tieste Leipzig 38-03. I have seen many fakes of this tinnie, some good looking, some just terrible, the worst is one for sale by Robert Gilmore on GMC, I went out of my way to show the makers mark. I think this is one of the most comprehensive tinnies ever produced, it always struck me as odd, that it has the DJ, but not the HJ. And it has every other large para-military group. The swords, say the standard "One Folk, One Fuhrer, One Reich. Gau Day May 21-22, 1938 Leipzig"  JUST A GREAT PIECE.  #ST08/16-11           $200.00    REDUCED
​Tinnie SS, 42mm, made of stamped tin. "Sport Shooting Competition 57 SS Regiment in Schmalkalden Thüringen" In fine to very fine condition.  #ST03/16-12      SOLD
SA tinnie, 49mm, made of heavy stamped Bronze, with a perfect finish and patina, front and back. Made more like a badge. Stylized Eagle, "1933 Breslau SA" A GREAT LOOKING PIN.     #ST03/16-13   $125   SOLD
Tinnie SA, 49mm, made of Bakelite, nice dark colors remain after all these years, many of these have been handled so much the paint is gone. "SA Sport U Wehrwettkämpfe July 1,2,3, 1938 Dortmund" or SA Sport Recruiting competitions July 1,2,3, 1938 Dortmund" maker marked. Maker Richard Sieper and Son.  #ST03/16-14             $75.00  SOLD
SA Tinnie, 42mm, made of grey Bakelite, depicts a Viking ship, "Nordsee SA Sport Competition 1938, not all scratched up, like a lot of them you see. Maker R. Sieper and Son.
            #ST03/16-15           $65.00      SOLD
Please keep in mind, that I have been fascinated by the SA since I was 14, this is now nearly 40 years. These pins are the best of the best of the SA tinnies, I started collecting in 1974.

​Tinnie SA, 48mm, made of Bakelite. "Armed struggle day 1939 North Sea"  July 7-9, 1939, Bremmen on the back. Also maker marked Steinhauer and Luck, RZM 3/50. Nice bright colors.     #ST03/13-16      $75.00    SOLD
Tinnie SA, 40mm, made of grey Bakelite. "SA Group Kurpfalz, Groups days of competition 1939" Showing a SA man and a Heer soldier throwing grenades. Maker Walgo Kier, BHF i/W, RZM 9/20  REDUCED  #ST03/13-17    $55.00
Tinnie SA, 41mm, made of white Bakelite, "SA military days of competition 1939" Nice bright colors, great looking eagle. SA Gruppe Westfalen. RZM M9/67. Slight crack only seen on the backside. Still very nice.   #ST03/16-1 $75 SOLD
SA Tinnie, 37mm, made of grey Bakelite, "SA groups sports competition in 1938, group Kurpfalz" maker is Richard Sieper and Son. A previous owner was a heavy smoker and it has tar in the crevices, it should clean off. But is priced accordingly.    REDUCED          #ST03/13-19        $55.00
​Tinnie SA, 43mm, made of white Bakelite,  This one has the later, and I like it that way. Maybe the most common SA pin. "Recruiting contest the SA Group Niederrhein 1939" maker is Richard Sieper and Son. RZM 9/25                                                  REDUCED     #ST03/13-20   $40.00
​SA Tinnie, Large 56mm, made of stamped tin. "Recruiting Competition 1939, SA Brigade 94 Munz" Great looking pin, it has a faint makers mark, and all I can make out is the Nuremburg. This pin is not common and displays grreat.
 The copper color is GREAT. #ST03/16-21  $80 REDUCED
SA Tinnie, 38mm, made of stamped tin, PERFECT Black finish, rarely seen on this pin. "Kampetage Der Fränkischen SA" 1937. Great looking eagle. This pin displays great. #ST03/13-22  $80.00  REDUCED
Tinnie SA, 47mm, made of stamped brass. "Westfalen meeting, July 8-9, 1933 in Dortmund. Circle imposed over the eagle, with Swastika on top of circle. Very nice smooth and even patina.         #ST03/13-23       $85  REDUCED
Tinnie SA, 51mm, made of white Bakelite, " SA Group Donau, 1939, Group Competition". maker is Richard Sieper and Son. RZM 9/25. Sieper must of made most of these Bakelite pins. The SA insignia is in the pommel of the sword. Gold paint is not the best.       #ST03/13-24                    $45   SOLD
​SA Tinnie, 52mm, made of cast aluminium. "1938 SA Group Competition, Group Hochland. Maker is Lauer, of Nuremburg. RZM 9/3, very fine casting, is almost like a badge. Displays great.           REDUCED       #ST03/13-25                 $80.00