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A very hard to find ceramic tinnie, Tieste Bonn 37-02. Never had a pin, it would hang from the bearers neck. NSDAP Kreistag.
#T03/13-01                       $90
WHW tinnie, My First TAT, Gau Hamburg WHW 1936/37. I have no idea what TAT translates too. I got my first TAT in 1978 and my last one a week ago. Maker is Carl Wild and size is 50mm.              #T09/14-02     $40.00
WHW Hamburg 12-7-35, near perfect condition. Made of paper, and most of these did not survive.  # T03/13-03    $40 SOLD
Tinnie made of leather, 36mm in 
diameter. Tieste Hessen 34-01. DAF 
cogwheel, land meeting in 1934 .   
   #T03/13-07         $40
Large 50mm tinnie, with Germany Awake standarte. 10th year of Reichs Party Day or 10 years from the Weimar period.   #T08/16-08   $100.00 FIRM. I now have 2 of these and reduced the price.
I really do not know if this is a tinnie, it is really cool, it has a Nazi plane with a Swastika on the tail and a Luftwaffe eagle at the bottom. 45mm and made of the plastic stuff.   #T02/15-05        $40.00 SOLD
Gau Thing, 51mm, Brass. Gau Thing, Koblenz-Trier June 22,23-1935. Tieste Koblenz 35-01     #T03/13-10      $65    
Plastic, maker marked, with RZM M9/20, NSDAP County Council Meeting. 45mm, nice pinback.  #T03/13-11          $65
DAF Winter Sport Day at the Farmland 1941
55.5mm in length. One thing about tinnies is you do not see many after 1939. Most material was being used for the war effort.    #TI03/13-14   REDUCED 2/15    $55.00
 With Adolf Hitler, end Hunger program 1935. 37mm pin, still has factory lacquer. Very clean.
                #T02/15-09     $30.00   SOLD
The paint on this pin, is near perfect. The reduction process has made it look grey. One Folk, One Reich, One Fuhrer. June 19,1935. 42mm, Maker is Pollath RZM M9/11 NICE    #T03/13-12     $60     REDUCED
Sunny Mainfranken, KDF near perfect paint, Brass,  50mm tall, maker marked on the back.    REDUCED 2/11/15
T03/13-13  $40.00 SOLD
KDF, Strength Through Joy, Gau Hessen - Nassau. 40mm, Aluminium. Maker Marked on the back.    #T03/13-16             $45
Gau Day or County Day in Trier-Westmark, June 9-11, 1939.  RZM M9/41 Tieste Trier 39-01 
                          #T03/13-17  $50
WHW 40/41, full set of all 3, Lead, 35mm, Golden Sun Series, showing 3 field workers, ""The Golden Light Shines About this Free Country. Hard to find all of them.      A great collection.  REDUCED   #T03/13-19     $80.00
Consecration of the County theater. SaarBrucken, 10-9-1938. 43mm.
 Tieste Saarbrucken 38-01          #T03/13-20                     $40
1927 Turnfest, Braunau. These were like gymnastic competitions ?  
             #T03/13-21        $50
5th Group Meeting of the NSDAP 6-27-1937, Brass, 40mm, Tieste 37-01.     #T03/13-18   $55.00      SOLD
Boating Competition, {I think}
on the Rhine river. Very nice bronze finish over brass. 46mm   
 #T03/13-22  $80 SOLD 7/03/15 
Reichs Small Gardner Day, in Vienna
6-27,28-1939. Bronze Finish over copper. 39mm  Tieste Wein 39-02
Very Good Condition       PERFECT        #T03/13-26       $75.00  REDUCED SOLD
Tinnie Kreistag 1939, GREAT Eagle and Swastika. The back has the RZM and M9/7  NEW ITEM   #T06/14-31    $45.00
NSDAP Party Day in Hannover, 2.23/25-1934. 48mm, with nice even patina.  
 #T03/13-23        $60  SOLD
Sängerbund festival and celebration of the 75 year anniversary of the German Federal singer. Maker Marked, Paint is 100% 46mm      #T03/13-24                    $60
County Festival of Singing Groups in Saarbrucken 9-8/9-1934, Nice even patina. Brass,36mm                #T03/13-25   $30
Large pin of the Munich City Crest. Maker Marked C Poellath, RZM M9/11. Very nice pin.
     #T02/15-27            $30.00   SOLD
Very Sharp looking with fine detailing, and GREAT PAINT. Top says "Our Victim" Gau Dusseldorf WHW 1937 - 1938, PERFECT 27mm      #T03/16-28    $40   REDUCED
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1934 Handwork Association, states Trust Without Change 25mm.     #T03/13-15   $35
1937 Recklinghausen county meeting of the NSDAP Borken - Bocholt, Large size 32mm, nice even patina #T03/13-32  $65 SOLD
​Tinnie "Day of the NSDAP" in Frankfurt 1935 tinnie is in GREAT condition, very nice looking eagle.    Large Size 46mm 
 NEW ITEM         #T06/14-30         $50.00
Group Franken "Days of Fighting" 1938. Nice SA tinnie. Maker L. Chr. Lauer, Nuremburg, Berlin. 
 #T03/13-29                           $65
 Plastic WHW pin, the paint is nearly flawless. The flag is part of a set of around small bakelite flags.  This is for a Pioneer Regiment and is numbered 1sa.         NEW     ITEM
               #T09/14-03      $22.00
Tinnie, "Strength through Joy" vacation program.
Gau Koln, no makers mark. Very clean. Large size 43.42mm.
NEW ITEM           #T06/14-04 $50.00 SOLD
WHW MAINFRANKEN, with stylized lettering and a large Swastika under the WHW lettering. The pinback is in very good condition.  NEW ITEM    #T09/14-06   $35.00
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